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3 day rule for dating

The folks who do this are very shallow people, IMO, and most are non-committal. It just saves one the time and effort from getting to know them.

;)Personally I think rules like the 3 day rule can mess up the start of something special be it a relationship or friendship.

You know the rule when you go on a date with someone and then you wait 3 days before you call them. I am the type of gal who is not afraid to let a guy know that I like them.

I am pefrectly comfortable asking a guy out which is good or bad depending on the guy. What are people waitingfor- not to look desperate or something-Heres a little hint- she is waiting for that call and the longer you wait to call her - well she thinks you are not interestedand then she starts feeling all bad about herself, thinkingwhat did she do, going over the date like a trillion times. By the way, never show up empty-handed, for a first date or the 50th date.

What's more, an overwhelming 61 percent of men and women prefer to call after a good first date, while only 14 percent like to text.

We don't know about you, but this info gives us hope for the collective dating community.

So, you go out with a great guy, you both have an amazing time, you're clearly really into each other, but then you're both supposed to wait at least three agonizing days to contact each other again?

Isn't the whole point of dating to find someone you dig and then actually get to talk to and hang out with that person?The guy I met tonight knew how special I thought he was before he went to bed tonight. don't guys always say they want to know what goes on in a girls mind? I put it out there, and at least then no body is in the dark. in fact all these so called 'rules' are for kiddies... Let's see now, you might wait three days to call and find out the other person met someone else during those 3 days and assumed since they didn't hear from you... Like I are for children, and I'm not a child.If I appear too desperate for communicating so soon, I don't care. It doesn't make me want the guy more, or wonder if I can get him.Some fellas are put off by that which is too bad for them. I am sure there is a thread already that discusses this silly rule so I appologize for the repetition. I know nothing about any of those rules and so I don't follow them either? If you don't contact me, I will assume you're not interested and I'll move on.Any thoughts out there for all you fisherman(woman)? If I like a guy, I talk or text him again the same day after the date! If you act like you don't care, please don't expect me to care.Most are too busy playing little "coy" games to even let a guy know anything, one way or the other, and by the time you figure out maybe something could work, you are so frustrated you just say f*** it! When it comes to outdated courtship decrees, the three-day rule is probably the worst.Waiting 3 days when you really like someone can make you a screwball from lack of sleep wondering should I or shouldn`t I ?Also at the other end of the spectrum is the person has not rung by the 3rd day, so they dont like me, screw them.If you don't hear from someone after 3 days do you assume they are not interested? And if you asked out the person initally do you ask them out on a second date or should they? Ugh I try so hard not to get trapped into that, but then if things don't work out between you and that person you start to overanalyze it and wonder what you could have done differently. It's a silly child's game, and I'm not into silly children's games.Jeez As a rule I wear my heart on my sleve, and if I am into someone it is pretty obvious weather I want it to be or not. If a man really cared about me and felt he had to wait for three days to let me know ... I think if we care about someone, there shouldn't be any rules about how we tell that person. :( If you don't tell me you like me, I will assume you don't.

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