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An error occurred generating a bootstrapper unable to begin updating

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In 1956 he worked for General Electric on ERMA, a computer system that introduced the use of the magnetically-encoded fonts imprinted on the bottom border of checks.

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I did change the external reference to “TIS_UDSHL09_vc10.dll” for the 2010 version of VB. You may try to start Visual Studio as Administrator and try again. The VS2010 publish button is ideal for developing software where you have to issue frequent updates to a test group.

I am able to publish other projects that do not use “The imaging Source” camera. Matt Hi This is a well known error of the publisher. Better is using a more reliable toolkit like "Inno Setup". I don't think it is a problem with VS publish because I have several apps using multiple 3rd party .

Are you looking for information on resolution for general failure building bootstrapper?

Want to know how to create setup file in visual studio 2010?

So, I tried the example program “Grabbing an image” and I get the same error when I try to publish. I’m using Windows XP, 32 bit, Visual Basic 2010 express edition, with a DMK72BUC02 camera.

This forum post has almost the same error message: Smejki was able to resolve the error, but I have not been able to resolve the error yet.

Comments An error occurred generating a bootstrapper unable to begin updating