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We should daily wait before the Lord until we can "feel" the presence of the Holy Spirit coming upon us.

Learn to delight in a prolonged worship time or prayer time before God.

Moving correctly wth the "feel" of the spiritual atmosphere is so vital.

There are a few ways by which we can build a strong spiritual atmosphere around us every day:. The longest distance is usually between the head and the heart.

During his very first Shokugeki, Sōma was greeted by unanimous boos and jeers.

While most are hostile towards him, some have developed friendships and even friendly rivalries with him.

Erina sees Sōma as an imperfection in her otherwise flawless world and looks down upon him mostly due to his humble, less prestigious background.

In Sōma's initial entrance exam in which she was the judge, she was impressed by Sōma's dish, however, a mixture of her pride and Soma's cockiness caused her to reject him from the school.Give time for the words of our song or prayer to move from our head to our heart.Our clapping, kneeling, bowing and faith confessions create powerful Spirit-filled atmospheres.Sōma's respect for his father increased and hopes to achieve such greatness as well.His greatest goal is to ultimately surpass his father as a chef.Unbeknownst to Sōma and Erina, her grandfather, Senzaemon Nakiri, would later taste Sōma's dish and immediately accept him into the school.At the entrance ceremony, Erina was present as Sōma was introduced as a last minute entrant.Renowned for her "God's Tongue", Erina is Sōma's main rival.As a former 10th seat of the Elite Ten Council who was the only first year in the Elite Ten, Erina views herself as superior to all of her classmates.From family and friends to rivals and adversaries, Sōma's interactions with many people have helped to develop his cooking skills on his journey to become the ultimate chef.Jōichirō is Sōma's father, who is a freelance world class chef and owner of Restaurant Yukihira.

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