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Bonka live cam

I built mine that night, and as I hovered it I realized that I failed to account for the battery leads when I laid out the props.

A few chopped up leads later I messaged Alex and Chris and told them to not bother with their frames.

The delicate features turned out to be about the thickness of the filament extrusion, which meant the part came out like a blob.

Once the battery goes up on the prop line, well, the props actually have to clear the battery.

So I thought I'd be clever and make it a long frame and run the battery ACROSS the top.

It felt like flying in angle mode, where you have to keep pushing the nose down to make it go forward.

After a minute or so of acclimation it was fine, so light and responsive and easy to maneuver.

I handed it to Mike (@control.fpv) and he tore it up at speeds I couldn't imagine, and as I watched along in my goggles it was apparent that 30 degrees just wasn't enough tilt to bring out Hedwig's full potential. The Furious micro rx has just one antenna, which I ran under one of the rear arms.

Bonka live cam manual mode updating apple

I didn't think I'd ever fly this little guy that far out, so I didn't think it would be an issue.With the goal in mind Alex and I spec'd the parts for this frame.We intended it to work with very specific components so that it could be as tight as possible. Alex loves the crazy power to weight ratio of the Shrieker with a Bonka-style 500, so we're saving weight everywhere we can. It's only 27x27 so I can design a simpler frame, unlike the Shrieker, which takes a 36x36 board.But I got a few failsafe's so I added antenna tube holes to the butt. I could do a simple press fit nose at 30 degrees, but 45 degrees is too much of a turn for the camera to make in a small amount of space, and it risked ripping off the delicate wires coming out of the camera's bottom. It's crazy how intricate a silly little part can get, the whole thing can fit on a quarter.The increased camera tilt really did fix the 'no inertia' problem – it's still light as hell, but at least now it's going faster, with more momentum, and it flew more like a 5" quad.Corgi was my first crack at it, and though it flew very cleanly it was heavy and delicate.The Odonata is the 6" version of Corgi without those flaws, and the Zoompod, with a camera opposite the battery, is the simple X version of the same concept, and perhaps my best solution to this problem so far.I could fpv it fine but clearly something was wrong, and I was stumped.Then Alex plugged it into his laptop and saw that the esc's were all over the place.I is dum I rebuilt it with red bottoms and Littlebee 20's from the bottom of my parts bin.It hovered ok but as soon as it touched down the motors would rev up again and it would shoot up. I wondered if it had something to do with its extreme light weight (237g w/ battery), or maybe it was air mode making it freak out.

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