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The crew find left footprints on the ground, and soon realize that the notorious pirate, Left Foot Louis, has it.

The events in the series take place before the events in the movies.

The books are about Jack Sparrow's teen years before he becomes a pirate.

Will awakens and assumes this as a nightmare, but is oblivious to a few of Jones' tokens remaining. Yes, it is made for the family audiences but it really kept me going for two hours!

It is an action filled adventure on the high seas from the times when Britannia ruled the waves. Action, pirates, sailors, ghosts and what not, but it really is entertaining!

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They plan together to steal a ship to go look for the storied Sword of Cort├ęs, and reunite it with its sheath.

Arabella directs Jack to an abandoned ship, the Barnacle.

Inside the main building of the city, the crew find the skeleton of the city's king, Stone-Eyed Sam, who is said to be holding the Sword, but it is missing.

Jack pockets the fabled stone eye of the now-dead former pirate king as a souvenir.

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