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Dating a tall girl embarassing

i have a feeling people may tend to take notice of the woman towering over the man rather than the man towering over the woman. :)If you dont give a fk and your partner doesnt give a fk then who cares : D If it works for 'the pair of you' then that is all that matters - the same applies with weight, age, race, sex, religion, species (jke) etc. I have been 5 ft 9 since 7th grade, when the boys were all midgets. i suposed height makes alot more of a difference to someone who is superficial, and is looking for a trophy wife, ironically enough, youd think he would want a bigger trophy, big trophys mean big acomplishments!If you keep going with this way of thinking not only will you have a complex, but so will she! I thought it would be the coolest feeling to have a tall man with his arms around me. If I were her, I would LOVE to be with you as tall as you are. Since when does a guy want a big chick though, i mean really.

But then again - i love to dance and i only dated guys that would dance so now that you bring it to my attention OP - the dancing with the height difference would have been rather weird when i was with the 6'4 tall guy. but instead he expected me to be his trophy girl and also not dace as well, which was lame. The term 'trophy wife' hardly means what you seem to think it means.I think its safe to say that some guys do like dating big chicks - if 'big' means either tall or fat or a mix of both then Im sure that some guys will dig yeah im 6'3 and usually at some point girls will say something about their neck hurting while kissing me.i think the height difference would have to be even more extreme than in the OP for people to really notice.i have been in a few and i am tall tall women seem to hate seeing it and always give bad looks i would love to date a tall women but it seems they only pay attention to me when i am with a short girl LOLSome guys have problems with girls who are way taller.Height difference is nothing unless you make it something.Girls like tall guys in general so stop worrying and get out there dude.Seems fine to girl is the same exact height as me, it was weird at first i was embarrassed because i'm not usually attracted to tall girls but she makes me happy so i don't really care what anyone thinks anymore :)I'm 5''8 and my boy is a maybe 4-5 inches taller.I'd probably feel weird dating a guy shorter than me.Oh i know some do, but the ex I had was not into women that were bigger than him.The term 'trophy wife' hardly means what you seem to think it means.:( i wasn't serious about the big trophy thing, i was just being silly and some guys want big chicks, or at least medium chicks, as for this girl, i don't care at all about how she looks, because her personality is basically the most amazing thing i have ever came in contact with, i imagine standing up hugs might be difficult though, as i would hug over her head One of my cousins is a rather short man, and he used to like women much taller than himself.One of his girlfriends was taller than an average man is... There are things that attract a lot more attention than a height difference.

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