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Dating by breast size

Customers should pay attention to which sizing system is used by the manufacturer.

The main difference is in how cup sizes increase, by 2 cm or 1 inch (= 2.54 cm, see below).

Bra sizes are usually expressed as scales, with a number of systems being in use around the world.

The scales take into account the band length and the cup size.

Camp's advertising in the February 1933 issue of Corset and Underwear Review featured letter-labeled profiles of breasts.

Cup sizes A through D were not intended to be used for larger-breasted women.

As the cup size increases, the labeled cup size of different manufacturers' bras tend to vary more widely in actual volume.

Dating by breast size

The current popular system of determining bra size is inaccurate so often as to be useless.Two other companies, Model and Fay-Miss (renamed in 1935 as the Bali Brassiere Company) followed, offering A, B, C and D cup sizes in the late 1930s.Catalog companies continued to use the designations Small, Medium and Large through the 1940s.From the wearer's point of view, the main measures that are taken into account, in determining the best bra fit for the wearer, are the measures of the wearer around the torso below the breasts and over the breasts, which defines the band length.For convenience, because of the impracticality of measuring a woman's breast size, the volume of the bra cup is based on the difference between these two measures.Adjustable bands were introduced using multiple hook and eye closures in the 1930s.Prior to the widespread use of bras, the undergarment of choice for Western women was a corset.Manufacturers' bra size labeling systems vary from country to country because no international standards exist.Even within a single country, one study found that the bra label size was consistently different from the measured size.British bras currently range from A to LL cup size (with Rigby&Peller recently introducing bras by Elila which go up to US-N-Cup), while most Americans can find bras with cup sizes ranging from A to G.Some brands (Goddess, Elila) go as high as N, a size roughly equal to a British JJ-Cup.

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