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In 1998, Hunt won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the movie As Good as It Gets of a waitress and single mother who finds herself falling in love with a misanthropic obsessive-compulsive romance novelist played by Jack Nicholson.In 2006, Hunt appeared in the ensemble cast film Bobby alongside Demi Moore, Anthony Hopkins, Sharon Stone and William H. In 2011, in the movie Soul Surfer, she played the mother of the Hawaiian-born champion surfer Bethany Hamilton, on whose life the movie was based.Is Introductions by Marsha- Professional Matchmaking in 3100 Fillmore St, San Francisco CA 94123 your business?

Hunt has also won four Golden Globe Awards and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Hunt's paternal grandmother was from a German Jewish family, while Hunt's other grandparents were of English descent (her maternal grandfather was born in England), with a Methodist religious background.

Hunt's performance in The Sessions garnered her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

She made her directorial debut with the comedy-drama film Then She Found Me (2007).

his ideal woman “loves to laugh, dance, eat great food and drink wine.” Also: “Must have curves, arms and face can’t be fat, great smile.” Marsha Stepensky says she’s a “huge supporter of all things fun. Adam: I was about five, 10 minutes late, which may or may not have been on purpose. He gave me a hug, which was nice, instead of a handshake. For stories, features such as Gene Weingarten, @Work Advice and more, visit WP Magazine.

I need a guy who can make me laugh; if you aren’t hilarious, it won’t work out.” We sent them to Vinoteca, in the U Street area, where there was ample wine, smiles and laughter — even a flash of chest hair. Adam: Well, the first thing I thought is that she had really pretty eyes and a very nice smile. Adam: I think she thought I was fun, cool and hopefully good-looking. Introductions by Marsha is a dating service in San Francisco CA that specializes in Jewish dating and matchmaking.We are sure to find you a suitable match that will be perfect for you.Marsha: I said, “I started on my wine.” And he said, “I thought we could just order a bottle.” And I said, “I like how you think.” Adam: I actually came off a really rough day at work, so I was really tired. Adam: We went to rival high schools, public schools in Maryland. Marsha: I remember making a comment; he had a couple top buttons of his shirt open and I complimented him that I liked his chest hair or something. A couple of times he would give me a little compliment like “Oh, wow, you’re smart and beautiful,” things like that. And I’m used to having to carry the conversation, but [she] was very easy, very natural. Marsha: We were both Jewish, so that was a nice commonality. Marsha: He was telling me how he is really into salsa dancing. I just got back from a trip to Cuba, so I was telling him about that. It was a really beautiful country and getting to, like, talk to the locals about their life was an eye-opening experience. Adam: We had similar personalities — we don’t take anything too seriously. Adam: I thought it was really cool that her job is really geared toward helping people. He’s solving really big cases that typically someone with more experience, someone who’s more seasoned, would really take on. Adam: We didn’t talk about, you know, the standard things too much, like work and stuff like that, the typical questions. Marsha: We definitely had a lot of fun with our disposable camera. We were playing off of each other’s conversation ... Marsha: I have a very sarcastic sense of humor, and he got it, which was great. I found that attractive, because I also help people. We both took pleasure in awkwardly asking people to take pictures and then handing them this disposable camera because the reaction … We take pride in the great service we provide and all the happy couples we’ve united.For a matchmaker in San Francisco CA, call on Introductions by Marsha.She played Jennie in the 1983 television movie Bill: On His Own, co-starring Mickey Rooney and, later that year, was cast in the lead role of Tami Maida in the fact-based TV movie Quarterback Princess. Elsewhere as Clancy Williams, the girlfriend of Dr.Jack "Boomer" Morrison, and had a notable guest appearance as a cancer-stricken mother-to-be in a two-part episode of Highway to Heaven.

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