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Measures 9 1/2" plus handles Lavish heavy gold border with hand painted pink roses with some relief texture, and a small center wreath of the pink roses repeated. Creamer has a very small chip on the underside of the bottom. Click for details Lovely Prussia plate decorated with lovely pink roses and green foliage with lavish soft gold gilded scalloped edge finishes this beautiful piece. Large bowl is about 10 1/4" in diameter and the small bowls 5". It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs.

In case of the beehive used by though it is easily identifiable as it included a dot.

This mark was frequently used on porcelain decorated with mythical, classical or allegorical scenes with borders typically held in deep wine, dark green or cobalt blue.

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One of the marks used by this manufacturer is often referred to as the 'beehive' mark, which in reality represents a banded shield used first by the (Royal Porcelain Manufactury) in Vienna (Austria), but because so many people see it as a beehive that is what it has become known as.

All 'beehive' marks are extremely ambiguous and problematic because over the years many European porcelain manufacturers 'borrowed' it or invented their own variation, thus making identification very difficult.These facts have been known since 1984, the year that published his results after intensive research on the matter. Between around 19 the company also produced some porcelain bodies used for perfume lamps manufactured by the ⇒Aerozon company in Berlin.But this information was not available in America until the English translation was published in the U. The number of employees dropped down to 250 in 1930 and following the world financial crisis the facility ceased continuous production between 19, but some limited attempts were made to continue production prior to the final closing in 1937.Condition: Wonderful antique condition - shows some age to coloring and gold, there is a chip on the rim that shows a hairline visible with a loupe; for display purposes however it is not noticeable.ALWAYS review pictures closely as they are part of my description.(Photos are taken using the following methods: natural sunlight, Photo Box with LED lighting and/or Black lighting; this is to show the natural beauty of the item in various forms of lighting.No other enhancements have been done.) DISCLAIMER: I believe in honesty and full disclosure so please review the pictures and ask questions prior to bidding.Slight wear to some of the gold, but no chips, cracks or damages. Decoration on both sides, each being slightly different rose bouquets. Rel Prussia or reproduction, it is priced accordingly, so you be the expert. Creamer and covered sugar bowl Marked with the green RS Germany mark with the letters "RS" encircled by a green wreath beneath a green five-pointed star.Gorgeous open tab handle serving plate marked Prussia. It has a small crown, an O under it, and the word Prussia underneath the letter O. "RS" are the initials for Reinhold Schlegelmilch, the private owner of a porcelain factory in Suhl, Germany that was founded in the late 19th century. Lovely seven piece berry set, marked RS Prussia with the red mark.Identity/Marks: Early 'Red Mark' RS Prussia dating 1870-1918; red lettering and red outlined green wreath.Measures: The cup is 2 1/4" tall and the rim is 2 1/4" diameter.

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