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Dating someone newly separated

Marriages can be annulled in cases where there is a "prohibited degree of consanguinity" - blood relationship.

The matter will be debated next week at the next reading of the controversial bill.

We weren't looking to date intially just chatting then we really seemed to click... He had been seperated for 5 months and had a 3 year old son. But his soon to be ex would be some pretty horrible baggage to deal with for EVER! But as a general rule I think it would not be a smart move to date someone recently divorced or "seperated". Nothing good to say, even when they befriend the other gender.2. I told him to either get off the computer and work on his marriage or leave.

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you should just rule people out on a person to person basis. I made the mistake of talking to someone that was seperated. If a person is in the "ing" position - divorcing, separating, losing, grieving, they are at their lowest needs level (physiologically and security). I do see how some people have been in a marriage that has been over for years but stayed together for the kids or some other reason. I could see someone like that more ready for a realationship with another person. One guy on here actually claimed to be separated and come to find out was still married and living with his wife, he was just "seeing what was out there".

i have a lot to offer and if someone rules me out based on a situation that is the result of a previous relationship then that is a form of stereotyping? I believe most were thinking I was at vulnerable state, and an easy lay. I wasn't looking for that I had come to terms that it was over, and I was moving on.

why not just rule out people who are a certain race? She knowingly sacrifices herself to date the wrong type. Although there were a few I did become friends with who really helped me out just offering advice or listening, by actually being in my shoes at one time themselves.

I have found that men going through a divorce are very bitter (understandably so) and will often take their anger from their ex wife onto you. Life is difficult as it is, why add more fuel to the fire????

well i am seperated but that doesnt mean that i am a bad dating option. Heres the thing, people, other then us pof people, do research on this stuff...divorce,dating,sex etc. Some need longer and some not as long, but im sticking with this one yr. Also I think getting serious about someone and NOT asking or knowing about their past is stupid!

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