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On this type of terrain the positions were typically at 10m intervals, less in densely wooded terrain. Time permitting, some scattered rifle and one or two light machine-gun positions may have been dug in the rear and oriented in that direction (3).

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In June 1938 work began on reinforcing the basement of the Office of Works building in Whitehall, London, the exterior of which is shown in the inset illustration. To prevent the gun's shadow giving itself away, it would often be moved to lie parallel with the front of the gun house. Often a false roof would be built on top of the gun house and a canvas screen, painted to represent the front of a building, could be drawn across the front and secured with pegs, as shown in the inset image (K). To the left of the main gun is a concrete holdfast (D) for a 3.7in. By the time they became operational in 1943, however, the threat from the Luftwaffe had greatly diminished. gun (A) has a power plant next to it (B), and camouflage nets to disguise its concrete base (C). In the battery Command Post (E), ATS personnel would operate the heightfinder (F), spotting binoculars (G), and the predictor (H). HAA gun, one of the earlier guns on the site, covered by a camouflage screen. Anti-tank cubes form the next level of protection (D), with concertina barbed wire laid behind them. Along the beach and behind the battery and observation post (F), tubular scaffolding has been erected to hinder both landings by boat and troop movements (C). An observation or listening post (12) is located to the front of the platoon, beyond the wire fence. The Zugfurher's (10) and Zug-Truppfuhrer's (11) positions are also indicated.

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