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Elucidating in a sentence

“If a significant proportion of the population does not understand passive sentences, then notices and other forms of written information may have to be rewritten and literacy strategies changed.“What’s more, the existence of substantial individual differences in native language attainment is highly problematic for one of the most widely accepted arguments for an innate universal grammar: the assumed ‘fact’ that all native speakers of a language converge on essentially the same grammar.

Our research shows that they don’t.” When I first skimmed the study, I assumed that it was about people who were not born in English-speaking countries, and their issues with understanding grammar.

To see that these comprehension difficulties were with native English speakers was pretty surprising to me.

Avi's Cogitations, Education, Elucidating English, English, Grammar, Grammarian, Linguistics, News, Northumbria University, Passive, Reading, Science Daily, Sentence comprehension, Study, Uncategorized, Words, Writing Science Daily (July 6, 2010) — Research into grammar by academics at Northumbria University suggests that a significant proportion of native English speakers are unable to understand some basic sentences.

Dr Dabrowska and research student James Street then tested a range of adults, some of whom were postgraduate students, and others who had left school at the age of 16.

Some speakers were not able to perform any better than chance, scoring no better than if they had been guessing.

Dr Dabrowska comments: “These findings are ground breaking, because for decades the theoretical and educational consensus has been solid.

The theory assumes that all children learn language equally well and that there must therefore be an underlying common structure to all languages that is somehow “hard-wired” into the brain.

Dr Dabrowska has examined other explanations for her findings, such as limitations to working memory, and even so-called “test wiseness,” but she concluded that these non-linguistic factors are irrelevant.

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