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Much as I believe in the Union, if the SNP sweep the board this week we should consider it conclusive evidence that the Scottish people are now in favour of independence and wave them a fond, if reluctant, farewell.I'll tell you what this Angela Merkel wannabe really, really wants.If that happens, then thanks to Call Me Dave's ill-conceived Fixed Term Parliaments Act we could be lumbered with a five-year extreme Left-wing marriage of convenience which would lay waste to the economy and crush what remains of our civil liberties.

The horrible alternative is a Labour government in thrall not just to the Scot Nats but to Miliband's hardline union paymaster Len Mc Cluskey and his Unite boot boys, who can give the SNP's street thugs a run for their money.But the Tories do have a decent record to defend, especially on the economy, and should be given the chance to finish the job.Whether that happens depends on how many Ukippers 'come home' in Cameron's words.• The Groupon deal for “cat readers,” bookworms who can go to people’s homes and read classic books to their cats.Works of fiction range from simple children’s books like the • Language-learning app Duolingo‘s French, Spanish, Japanese, and Italian pillows that teach sleepers a language overnight so that people can wake up bilingual. [facebook url="https:// /] • The merger of Florida State University and the University of Florida.Yesterday, I heard that dopey bird from the Welsh nationalists telling us how she was going to help choose our next Prime Minister, even though her own party is fourth in the polls - in Wales.They might just as well have asked Shirley Bassey who she was going to put into Number 10The Conservative campaign has been a shambles, with new policies apparently being made up on the hoof.And that's for David Cameron to stay in Downing Street, holed beneath the waterline.Then she can realise her dream of turning Scotland into a cross between basket-case Greece and East Germany before the fall of communism.This project will change all that,” says a release.“We were as impressed as anyone when CERN announced that they had found the ‘God particle’, but frankly they don’t seem to have done much since.” • “Mmm Box,” the monthly subscription service from Mc Donald’s that will deliver a rib sandwich right to your door. He had sent out a series of tweets Thursday teasing a “YUGE” announcement on April 1, and some sounded just like the real estate mogul: “Wow, many many people tell me the announcement is the best announcement anyone has ever seen.” • “Groovy Maps,” the new name for Google Maps.

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