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Identity theft, privacy invasion and being digitally held captive are some examples.

"Today we have started depending and using Internet without even knowing what it actually is. A large number of people use it to send intimate photographs of themselves.

Other form of hacking also meant stealing of debit card or credit card details apart from the data also being leaked on the internet.

Till then, hacks still had an impact to the financial side of one’s life or a business, but the impact of hacks are shifting to the ‘trust side’ where hackers are trying to penetrate into the part of your life, which can hurt you the most even more than your bank account being hacked.

Friend Finder Networks says it has more than 600 million registered users across some 40,000 websites in its network," he continued.

Due to the transformation of passive to active in digital, both in commercial as well as personal space, hacks have started to happen on the active space of digital, both commercially and personally. Previously hack meant being attacked by viruses or some cartoon figures dancing on your screen, or probably files automatically duplicating itself, and alike.

Online predators then threaten the child with sextortion saying things like, “I will show your parents and friends the pictures you sent me if you don’t send me another picture doing [fill in the gross blank].” Don’t be naïve – kids make secret accounts, so if you are not seeing many postings on the account you are following – dig deeper. There are many apps out there that are designed for private communication.

If you want extra security – read this article How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online with m Spy. Make sure to scroll through all screens – as some kids hide these apps on other screens or in an app folder. Would you invite strangers into your home and let them play with your child alone? Department of Justice, 1 out of 7 children will receive unwanted sexual solicitations on the Internet by online predators. You want to hear something even scarier – 1 out of 25 children will be enticed to meet online predators in person.If your child has access to a smart phone, tablet or computer – that is precisely what is happening. The reality is our world is interconnected with technology. But, just like we don’t drive our kids around without insisting they wear seat belts – we shouldn’t let them navigate the Internet without some safety education.The key utility of Snapchat over Whats App and why it scores more over the other is that pictures or messages (sensitive information) disappear within a pre-set time, but what people do not realise is, it stays on the Snapchat servers, probably forever," said Modi."This is a huge problem and people have started using the Internet and are dependent on it.For example, if a large e-commerce company gets hacked for just 10 seconds, it’s a direct balance sheet impact and a reputational loss, which is the more of an intangible impact.Saket Modi, co-founder and CEO of Lucideus, an IT Risk Assessment and Digital securities provider gave us more information about online threats in this new-age internet world.We speak on the likes of Adult Friend Finder, Ashley Madison, and a few too many adult entertainment and dating websites like these.In a way, we use these “adult” services against the moral ethos of the society and seeing the number of people registered in such apps, it clearly shows the interests amongst people."We are evolving from passive usage and moving on to active use of digital transactions.Today we do almost everything online — from banking to social media and even online dating," he said.

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