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And then there are the 12 women of pop-classical group The Mediaeval Baebes, who dress like something out of a Renaissance fair and play such songs as "Salve Virgo Virginum" (Real Audio excerpt). I think it's great she posed in Playboy, but as for the rest of what she does it has basically nothing to do with people like me.

Their 1997 Virgin Records debut was backed by one of the largest-ever marketing budgets for a classical act (leader Katharine Blake is also a member of alt-rock band Miranda Sex Garden). For God's sake, I've had years of training and have been doing this since I was two years old." But the Finnish-born Brava (born Linda Lampenius) her appearances in Playboy and on TV's "Baywatch" notwithstanding also began playing classical music as a child, at age five.

"She was very technically able, but she just wanted to be a star," Batt said.

In October, the group's debut album, Born, was kicked off the UK classical music charts (where it debuted at #2) and shifted to the pop charts.

"We are all classical musicians who have trained for 20 years," Bond violinist Haylie Ecker, 24, told the Sydney Morning Herald.

John, whose bare chest was covered by a violin for the occasion.

"I do my best and put everything into my concerts and CDs, but there are these old fogies [who reject the cover]. People say it's because of what we look like that we get guff, but it's not it's because we're women.

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