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Northwind is a servant of the Snow King and Snow Queen.

He serves the Snow Queen and Snow King with his sister, Jackie Frost, who he looks up to a great deal, even when failing to understand her strategies.

Though not necessarily a physical student attending classes, Brooke Page is a young narrator-in-training.

She normally has trouble keeping her opinions to herself and even, spoilers to the public.

She still meddles in the affairs of love, using only her finger now to match up lovebirds. A Rebel, Cedar does not want to share her dad's fate.

She, on the other hand, is having a hard time finding love because she has a very obvious crush on Dexter Charming, who likes Raven Queen. She was cursed at the beginning of her life to tell the truth, which makes her friends hesitant to share secrets with her. She's a Rebel, and with good reason: her father is the Big Bad Wolf.

She often has the family's signature grin on her face…or off her face, as she has also inherited her mother the Cheshire Cat's selective fading ability.

Life's easy for Madeline Hatter due to her bright outlook on things.

Many are afraid of her, even though she means no harm.

Entirely unfounded this fear is not, as Raven has minor effect on her environment, like flowers dying at her presence.

She loves her destiny, she loves tea, she sees the good in everyone, including the narrators, whom she is the only one aware of, and she is madly supportive of her friends. Even at full size, Nina is at least a head shorter than everyone else.

She has the ability to shrink to the standard size of Thumbelina and to go grow to around average height but a head shorter than others as said.

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