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Jake epstein dating

Clare then exclaims that she is not interested and that she and Jake were a one time thing.

In Dirt Off Your Shoulder (1), Jake and Clare are seen standing in the foyer and talking to each other before walking away together, when Eli has his meltdown.

In U Don’t Know (2), Jake and Clare are talking about how they should tell their parents at Little Miss Steaks when Imogen and Eli come over. The next day, Jake joins Drama Club as the new contractor to get some extra credit.

At lunch, Clare is talking with Katie, and Katie confides in her that she and Jake are going out to a movie night together.

This discovery creates tension between Jake and Clare, now knowing that Jake doesn't do committed relationships.

A comical joker, yet a guy who doesn’t play games and means what he says one hundred percent all the time.

He is known for smoking marijuana regularly and is allowed to do so, so long as he remain level headed and responsible. In his senior year, Jake decided to take an interest in environmentalism, doing recycling experiments and even starting Degrassi's Green Space along with his high school sweetheart Katie Matlin.

When Eli reveals that Fritz has been changed to Jack, everyone looks at Jake, knowing that Jack is based on him.

Jake comes up to Eli with the newest version of Love Roulette in his hands and says that he joined the play to build sets and he ended up with a role and now a character based on him.

Later on, Clare finds her parents' divorce papers and discovers that her father cheated on her mother.

She tells Jake to go out with Katie because she feels that their relationship is no longer casual.

Jake kisses her, and the next day, Clare tells Alli that he is a good kisser.

In Cry Me A River (1), Jake is seen setting up an Orienteering booth at the Clubs Fair when Alli says that Clare should join (referring to the Jake and Clare kiss in Love Game).

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