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The Bristol East MP said she found his behaviour 'upsetting' but did not feel she had anywhere to turn to about it.

She said she had been reassured and encouraged by the response she received after raising it with chief whip Nick Brown last Friday and party leader Jeremy Corbyn's office on Monday.

Jeremy Corbyn has faced fierce criticism after it emerged that Mr Hopkins reprimanded at the time by then chief whip Dame Rosie Winterton but was made shadow culture secretary in 2016 anyway.

The claims were originally brought to the attention of Rosie Winterton in 2015 when she was Labour's Chief Whip.[20] Hopkins has 'absolutely and categorically' rejected the accusation of sexual impropriety.

Now fellow Labour MP Kerry Mc Carthy said that Hopkins had been paying her unwanted attention, via written notes, since 1994.

Ms Mc Carthy first met Mr Hopkins when she was in her late 20s and they were both involved in Labour politics in her home town of Luton.

In 1994, when she was chairwoman of Luton North constituency Labour Party (CLP) and he chaired Luton South CLP, they went out for lunch, with Ms Mc Carthy believing it was solely to discuss political issues.

Ms Mc Carthy today said she was inspired to come forward and reveal her experience because of Ms Etemadzadeh's bravery.

In letters published to the press, Mr Hopkins allegedly wrote to Ms Mc Carthy to say he had taken her out because 'you are attractive, intelligent and charming'.He later sent her a card saying he had invited her 'because you are attractive, intelligent and charming' before urging her to 'dispose' of the note.In a second note, Mr Hopkins enclosed a photograph of Ms Mc Carthy and described her as 'pretty' before again asking her to dispose of it.But in a statement, Mr Hopkins said Ms Mc Carthy's complaint had caused him 'immense personal hurt and utter dismay' from someone he counted as a friend.He added: 'I cannot understand why a Parliamentarian of such experience and standing, who is also such a long term friend, would not have told me that she was unhappy with any aspect of our friendship rather than going straight to the national press.'At a minimum I would have expected a Parliamentary colleague to raise any complaint through normal channels, allowing me due process and a fair chance to defend myself, if necessary.' He was suspended by Labour after Ms Etemadzadeh contacted the party again with fresh information after she first complained about the MP back in 20.Ms Mc Carthy, who is also an MP, said: 'I never responded in any way, I never gave him any encouragement in any way, I tried to keep my distance as much as possible.''I absolutely believe he knew this behaviour was unacceptable.It made me feel uncomfortable in his presence and was quite upsetting.'Ms Mc Carthy, 52, said the Luton North Mp - who is 24 years older than her - knew what he was doing was wrong but continued anyway.Now Corbyn's party is facing further turmoil as Kelvin Hopkins faces fresh allegations.The 76-year-old has already been suspended after activist Ava Etemadzadeh, 27, complained to Jeremy Corbyn's office claiming the veteran married MP rubbed his crotch against her.A known Eurosceptic, the 76-year-old backed Brexit and was one of few Labour MPs to openly support leaving the EU.While he has served on many committees, Hopkins has never been made a minister and turned down the opportunity to serve on Corbyn's front bench after he was elected as party leader in 2015.

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