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Rive Gauche is still itself, for better or for worse.

Main difference lies in the opening and long drydown.

Today it has been reduced to an ethereal and dusty acid smell, zero sillage and less personality. I'm glad for all of you(thanks to a suitable skin chemistry) who can wear it decently with no regretments Sometimes you have to take on that a beloved perfume is tragically gone, though Auf wiedersehen little 70's gem! First of, I gotta say; in my opinion this is the best reformulation L’Oreal has done with an YSL fragrance.

Actually, the only one that hasn’t completely butchered a perfume.

Fragrantica has seperate pages for different formulations of e.g. It's rather flat and cloying and smells a little cheap.

The original metallic quality is still present in the drydown, but the scent sadly remains one-dimensional to my nose.

I must be using Rive Gauche now a good twentyseven year's & not once have I ever tired of it!!

It is also very much loved & wore also by the beautiful Joanna Lumley,& like my Manageress Bernie,she always is immaculate to!!The new one relies on vetiver mostly, with tonka bean adding a slight fougère effect.Drier, less oakmossy (it still has treemoss), more powdery. The vintage feels more herbal, more full, the oakmoss really shines. a perfume I used in the early 80s when I was young, travelled to Paris for the first time and went to Rive Gauche, a beautiful area in the city.Her other perfume she wore was Oscar by Oscar De La Renta which smelt gorgeous on her as well YSL Opium & YSL Y!! Anyway that Christmas I got my parents to buy me my first ever bottle/can of Rive Gauche & indeed it was the start of a real love affair with it,& like my Manageress Bernie it also smelt Devine on me!!So much so that I even wore Rive Gauche on my Wedding Day,& my Husband always makes sure im never without it as he also adores it on me too!!I will never be without this clean classic beautiful perfume. It’s seems that some of the metallic note has been removed. & I basically asked her "Bernie what is that gorgeous perfume your wearing?" Bernie always was a very glamorous lady,perfect blonde fixed hair,immaculate make-up & excellent choice in her perfume!!Rive Gauche is a fragrance for free and independent women, a gracious inhabitant of the city who likes the sun and wind more than anything but who is also quintessentially metropolitan.The well-known and much loved composition of floral aldehydes was enriched in 2000s with clear woody and aromatic accords. If you like roses, aldehydes, old-school chypres, I recommend sampling this. Perhaps not what it was in the past (nothing is anymore...) but worth getting a decant. In the last two years, I've bought twice this fragrance and twice, I was disappointed.The controversial aspects have been eliminated or toned down, but it’s a miracle it’s been kept so ‘vintage’ smelling. It would not be my choice any more, but I think this is really a masterpiece, including the unique bottle. This made me Want to clear my throat when I sniffed baby powdery type, clean like after a shower cleanness, old school a bit?? I think this would make a great base fir layering, no way could I spray this on and wear all day on its own.Fresh, cold (while I never thought of Chanel n°19 as an ice queen, Rive Gauche is definitely a cold hearted one), powdery, green. It could be unisex I feel SKIN TEST unisex bathroomy clean talcum powdery woody powder fresh slight bitterness creeping in after several hours.

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