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Supply is the producers ability and willingness to provide goods or services on a particular date at a given price.

Demand is the amount of goods or services that consumers are willing to purchase on a given date at a given price.

Government is the final force affecting economic system, and its laws help protect and enhance economy, rather than just limit it.

So, she science of economics is based upon the facts of our everyday lives.

Economists try to describe then facts of economy in which we live, and to explain how it works.

_________________________________________________________________________---- In the modern world there are many different professions without which it is difficult to imagine our life.

Economic forces affecting business include the profit motive, with profit (the difference between what someone is willing to pay for an item and its manufacturing and marketing cost ) being the foundation of economic systems.

Yet another economic force that can determine price levels is supply and demand.

As you know Ukraine has 12 national universities in different cities.

I'm a second year student, my is specialty Accounting and Auditing.

Ukraine is situated in the Central part of Eastern Europe, it has a very favorable position on the development of its infrastructure, because a lot of ways.

The modern economic system of Ukraine is in a transitive phase of the development from command economy to new system of managing – models of market economy.

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