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OMEGA also included Lita (Amy Dumas), 'Shannon Moore(II)', 'Gregory Helms' and Joey Mercury (Adam Birch).

His finishing moves are the twist of fate, whisper in the wind, and the swanton bomb.

Jeff Hardy" it was a Steel Cage match Jeff Lost and has left he has spent days in Jail to stop fighting for a while and getting away the brouses and pain.

Sabin took the direct approach by tweeting at her: Many stories on this list are interesting, some are funny, a few are sad but this is the most heartbreaking.

The worst case of a wrestling relationship ending terribly was also the most tragic moment in wrestling history.

Though the Hardyz lost, they gave a great performance. Later, both the Hardys found a new manager with their real-life friend Lita, which they named their team "Team Xtreme".

The following year, they really made a name for themselves when they faced the Dudleyz and Edge and Christian again, but this time, in a TLC (Tables and Ladders and Chairs) Match (Same rules apply to a Ladder Match, but this time, with tables and chairs). Both Matt and Lita would begin an off-screen (later on-screen) relationship with Lita.Whether or not these relationships soured because of the atmosphere of the wrestling business is impossible to tell and quite frankly, it could very well just be on a person by person case.Perhaps it’s because the wrestling world is juicier but it does seem like the ratio of wrestling couples causing drama is higher than with actors, musicians or any other athletes.These are the twenty stories of wrestling relationships ending terribly.One of the more likable couples in TNA wrestling for a few years was Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky before the two split about a year ago.It wasn't until 1998 they were given full-time contracts as a tag team.The Hard Boyz, as their were referred, used a cruiser weight (someone who use acrobatic styles but usually one who is 6'1" or under and weighs less than 215lbs) fast-paced high flying style in their matches, doing damage to their opponents.While the details of the breakup have never been specified, the two had a very small but harsh interaction on Twitter that confirmed the relationship ended.Sabin was tweeting about ways to get “verified” by Twitter support and Sky “sub-tweeted” him by saying anyone who begs for verification is pathetic.Michael Hayes (Michael Seitz) then became their manager, who then guide them to win the WWF(E) Tag Team Titles.However, the Hardyz ditched Hayes after losing the titles to Ganrel's ('David Heath') tag team, The New Brood, who were Edge ('Adam Copeland') and Christian (Jay Reso).

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