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N900 driver sd needs updating

Those are my issues: 1) In some applications (such as photos,web...) suddenly quit app.

The resulting boot process will end up like this: NOLO - Now all N900 patches are in upstream U-Boot mainline project (part of U-Boot 2013.04). p=Debian packaging for Maemo is in this git repository: (branch maemo).

There's also a thread on, where the latest released & tested version can be found:

Also, all information contained in which is the area visible in the default file manager (or when connecting to a computer), will remain intact.

Your external memory (micro SD), will also be unaffected.

Upgrading wipes out your Some notes: For errors see Flasher errors Install flashing software There are two methods for flashing the device on OS X, using the GUI, with the 770Flasher application or using the console, much like the Linux flashing method.

Both methods work fine for both the 770 and the N800/N810.

sre thinks, that the hci protocol extension code should be put into a file similar to drivers/bluetooth/hci_ll.c, which could be called drivers/bluetooth/hci_nokia.c (hci with nokia extensions).

This would result in the protocol being available as hci_uart_proto for usage in a hci-uart driver.

For Application List you even can select on a per-application granularity, i.e.

exclude an arbitrary number of applications from restore.

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