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Nashville dating and romance

" Shelton asks, ­slumping on a sofa at Starstruck Entertainment, a white-gloss, shockingly modern three-story palace in the heart of Music Row in Nashville.

He put a $100 bill in the tip jar for the band he had displaced.

He mock-grudgingly honored a request ("I'm going to do it so you quit whining") for "Austin," the 2001 tear-jerk smash that launched his career."I love you, Blake," a fan shouted, inevitably. "We're going to be in the tabloids, you and me.

The second song, "She's Got a Way With Words," ­humorously but bitterly recalls a lover who cheated and lied.

Shelton didn't write it, but if you want to assume it describes some of the facts of his divorce, he won't stop you.

"He says whatever he wants to say, and it has turned into a gold mine. Or rehab.""I tell him he's the Dean Martin of our generation -- a handsome devil who comes across as lackadaisical even though he's extremely driven," says John Esposito, chairman/CEO of Warner Music Nashville.

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"His wit and charm translate to the music -- you can see the twinkle in his eye, and you get sucked in.""I don't think I'm ever going to get serious," Shelton told CNN in 2011.Blake Shelton Talks Divorce, New Love With Gwen Stefani: ' All This Just Has to Be Meant to Happen' Shelton sequenced in a way that ­simulates a "very specific time frame" in his life.It opens with "Straight Out of Cold Beer," a backwoods party song that represents his carefree mind-set at the start of 2015.Then the album "stays in that lull for a while -- that sad, dark place." A few funny songs balance out the album, including the winking double-entendre "Doing It to Country Songs." Shelton always has done those songs well, but more impressively, he sings his ass off on the heartache ballads.The TV-Made Country Stars Tradition -- From Patsy Cline to Carrie Underwood"When we recorded the vocals for some of these songs, I was only six months removed from when all the crap went down," says Shelton.Though he and Lambert hadn't announced their divorce, he knew it would be final by the time the blind auditions were broadcast in September, and he didn't want his ­producers and fellow judges to refer to Lambert as "Blake's wife."Shelton and Stefani had met two years prior, when she joined as a coach in season seven.But she recently had given birth to her son Apollo, and Shelton "never really got to know her, other than small talk." When Stefani didn't return for season eight, Shelton assumed he would never see her again.3 on the Billboard 200 in May and has sold more than 300,000 copies since, according to Nielsen Music.In July 2015, Shelton and Lambert -- who were routinely described as the "king and queen of country" -- announced they were filing for divorce, igniting a series of tabloid covers.Amid whoops and selfies, he commandeered the stage.For about an hour, Shelton -- ­country singer, star of and brand ­ambassador for HAVIN' A DAMN GOOD TIME -- plays unplugged, relying on the qualities that distinguish him from other Nashville singers: honesty, charm and self-deprecating wit. Blake Shelton: The Billboard Cover Shoot He instructed the Stage staff to hand out free beers while he himself drained a couple of Coronas and pulled at a vodka-and-diet-soda mix in a coffee mug.

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