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Okcupid tests dating persona test

It's similar to Coke buying Pepsi and then Pepsi removing ads that make fun of Nike.

I suppose either because either refuses to release the data, the blog post is confirmed to be true or they wanted to appease the new owners. If you're good enough at SEO or online marketing to have a chance in hell at a broad online dating opportunity, there is more money available for less work and less competition elsewhere.", it's "How will we get our initial users and keep them?"Patrick's point is that if you have the skills to get users in a business with network effects that strong, there are many more lucrative markets you could crack. Online auctions is hugely lucrative, orders of magnitude more than dating, and EBay sucks in many ways.For spam: perhaps you can only send one message per day to new people, and one message per person per reply. Also, for every uploaded picture, grab the date it was taken and put that on the page.Might not stop hackers, but that's a small minority.There's LOTS of room for innovation here, essentially.definitely, why not? IAC, the parent company of owns lots of web properties.Completely people oriented, and for the most part, people who are on one site, are on another site (match, eharmony, craigslist? Nothing wrong with multiple avenues of meeting people - so there's still room in this space. It's not like now owns okcupid and will use them as they please.I'd imagine how welcoming people are to others in poly relationships largely depends on where you are.People in El Paso, TX (where my friend and I live) are likely less open to that sort of thing than people elsewhere.The space is competitive, the incumbents are some of the savviest firms online, they have gigantic warchests, the fight will be dirty, and there is easier money elsewhere.Plus you're competing with OKCupid, which is to linkbait as Air Bnb is to PR. The entry on that page acknowledges that: if you want to start a dating site, the question you answer is not "What should we do better about online dating?

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