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Our data base comprises hundreds of thousands of Russian and Ukraine personals’ profiles.

Very few of them can understand how anyone can be decent because they value decency and not because there's a quid pro quo.

The same applies to dating too far above your own station because I have had the chance to do that too and I found that the priorities of those who are already vastly wealthy and my aspirational 'still trying to make it in life and make my mark on the world' middle class priorities were vastly different.

Date and love is a game that must be played with champions only.

Imagine dogs and cats going romantically along together. Because it is their nature to get along only with those of the same species. (#) As a very liberal and socially conscious person who has despised class discrimination since I was first aware of it, I have to congratulate the author on his candour.

Dating coach assistant for better understanding of Ukrainian mentality. We will arrange Skype conference calls in which we will introduce you to all ladies you like to meet. You will have personal dating coach, who will give clear explanations about mental differences and right approach for successful and serious relationship.

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However unless you want to live a hell of a life, I suggest you to date only inside your social level or above.

The reason is very simple, people from lower social classes are poor for a reason, they are not poor by chance, they are poor because of the life they live.

So I'm 14 , and ever since I started middle school, my friends have been dating .

Now I'm a freshman in high school and I've noticed a few guys.

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