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Outlook updating cached headers

The default setting uses the default Windows Timezone from Outlook (e.g. Europe Standard Time) or the selected timezones for the start and end of the appointment.

While the cache viewer can be used to recover a file, it's unnecessarily complex.

If the selected Outlook folder for the profile doesn’t exist during import, you need to manually select a folder before you can save the options, they are not automatically created.

You need also be aware of the fact, that saved profile passwords won’t work on other accounts or machines, since the encryption is dependant on the current user.

Each profile is responsible for synchronizing one Outlook calendar/task or contact folder with a remote folder of a Cal DAV/Card DAV server.

Beginning with version 2.15.0 advanced configuration settings are hidden by default and you can enable them by clicking on When adding a new profile you can choose between a generic Cal DAV/Card DAV, a google profile to simplify the google profile creation and predefined Cal DAV/Card DAV profiles for SOGo, Fruux, Posteo, Yandex, GMX, Sarenet and Landmarks, Cozy Cloud, Nextcloud,, Easy Project, and Smarter Mail where the DAV Url for autodiscovery is already entered.

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