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Graham has been credited with preaching to more individuals than anyone else in history, not counting the additional millions he has addressed through radio, television and the written word.

Billy Graham was the first of four children raised on the family's dairy farm in Charlotte.

In hindsight there was little indication that Graham would one day preach the Christian gospel to as many as 215 million people in live audiences over 185 countries.

The trial of Abu Walaa, named by authorities as Ahmad Abdulaziz Abdullah A., opened Tuesday, with proceedings due to be spread over 29 trial days until next January.

Also facing charges of supporting IS are four co-defendants.

Several countries called for ex-IS members to be tried in Iraq and Syria.

The future fate of two members of the "Islamic State" group nicknamed "The Beatles" remains unclear.

() Authorities are investigating whether the main suspect behind the Berlin terror attack has links to an Iraqi preacher based in Germany named Abu Walaa.

DW takes a closer look at the so-called "preacher without a face." () Human Rights Watch has interviewed dozens of "jihadi" brides at detention camps in Syria who want to return home, including at least 15 Germans.

He faces charges of belonging to a foreign terrorist organization and funding terrorism.

The indictment said he had direct contacts in IS leadership circles. Lessons in radical ideology The alleged accomplices are a Turkish national, a German, a German-Serbian and a Cameroonian, aged between 27 and 51. and Boban S., gave lessons in Arabic and radical Islamic ideology to prepare potential recruits for combat with IS, said the indictment.

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