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But he said if they are visiting him for the first time, he sometimes gets a little help.'Mum and dad know they are going to ask that question so I always get a little whisper,' he concluded.

When you're trying to get to know someone new, you can only text "what's up" so many times.

For the past six years, the 58-year-old has played the role of Santa.

'These can be normal - knowing this can set a patient at ease.' 'Lots of patients find it hard to accept their diagnosis,' says Dr Iain Simpson of the British Cardiovascular Society.If parents are standing nearby shaking their heads, he will tell children it's too cold for Santa to have puppies in the North Pole and too far for them to travel.And it's a decision for mum and dad to make.'If a tear or two is shed, the chocolate comes out.And while people don't come right out and spill their deepest secrets, these sneaky questions will help reveal the stuff you can't tell on the surface — a person's hopes, dreams, and values. Ask your crush these questions one at a time, marathon them during a long drive, or split the list in half and take turns asking them to each other. 'they want to wait until they feel unwell before committing to a procedure, but without treatment there's a risk of dying.I have to be brutally honest about the dangers, as it's crucial patients realise the risks.' 'It's vital to know how experienced your cardiologist is and what back-up facilities are on site,' says Dr Hildick-Smith.Of all the questions Mr Brooks has been asked over the years, the one children most often want to know is: 'Are you real?'Answering it isn't just a matter of a simple yes, Mr Brooks said.'If your cardiologist isn' t doing the procedure, they should let you know who is.' 'Don't be afraid of sounding rude - this is something patients are entitled to,' says Dr Hildick-Smith.'Many hospitals offer a variety of treatments and may not have performed your procedure in the past year.

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