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That way up-and- comers will know intuitively the dif- ference between a hex and a gaggle of fairies.

(There is a decided difference, but it's too technical to cover here.) We'll also be watching for books and other publications which will help.

Technically, we're frustrated, and it shows up in our discussions about the relative merits of the new processors, new operating systems, new any- things. We have a good feeling for what's great (continued on page 90) LETTERS Tandon Blues I upgraded my Kaypro II to 5MHz last year, and I was the envy of everyone in the Southern Colorado Users Association.It proved to be the Tandon 100-2As because the Epson drives from a Kaypro 4-84 and the Shugart drives from a "New 2" all work like a charm at DSDD and 5MHz. Kaypro began buying Japa- nese drives because of the quality of the first double-sided half heights that Tandon produced.(And I keep won- dering why Tandon doesn't advertise in Micro C.) Having Your Remex & Using It Too I have been running the notorious Remex RFD.480 5.25" drives for about five months in a Morrow MD-2 and have several observations about them that may help others who were sucked in by a "good deal." 1.■ PROM Programming Circuitry The new Cal-Tex SBC has circuitry for programming 2716s, 2732(A)s, or pin- compatible EEPROMs. 9 • BOULDER CREEK, CA 95006 • (408) 338-2572 Terms: Orders paid for with a cashier's check or bank card will be shipped within three working days. Application to mail at second class postage rates is pending at Bend, OR 97701 and additional entries. (Other foreign) .00 Make all orders payable in U. Send materials to the Review Department, Micro Cornucopia. There aren't very many publica- tions like Micro C which deal primarily with hardware, operating systems, and structured languages.■ CP/M 2.2** CP/M with Russell Smith's CBIOS for the new Cal-Tex computer is available for 0. 'CP/M is a registered trademark of Digital Research. Orders paid for with a personal check will be shipped within three weeks. Published bimonthly by Micro Cornucopia Inc., 155 NW Hawthorne, Bend, OR 97701. The problem is that there is a moat between the applications stuff (you know, "hit ctrl-K, ctrl-E to turn off the menu") and high level discussions of new compilers.The second memory bank has two 2Kx8 SRAMs for the memory-mapped CRT display and space for six 2732As, 2Kx8 static RAMs, or pin-compatible EEPROMS.The third memory bank is for RAM or ROM added to the board via the STD bus.5 PC BOARD WITH 16 PARTS SIZE: 8.75" x 15.5" POWER: 5V @ 3A, -12V @ 0.1 A ■ "SASI" Interface for Winchester Disks Our "Big Board II" implements the Host portion of the "Shugart Associates Systems Interface." Adding a Winchester disk drive is no harder than attaching a floppy-disk drive. Some folks really got a belly laugh when I mentioned Ampro's Jumbo Board.A user simply 1 ) runs a fifty-conductor ribbon cable from a header on the board to a Xebec controller that costs only 5 and implements the controller portion of the SASI interface, 2) cables the controller to a Seagate Technology ST-506 hard disk or one compatible with it, and 3) provides power for the controller-card and drive. Seriously Last issue I was short (in a long sort of way), but a lot of people thought I was hilarious. However, Ampro's Rick Lehr- baum wasn't chuckling when he called to ask how I had found out about his massive project. (It was so absurd that I shouldn't have been surprised the military might fund such a task.) Anyway, Rick informed me they have a dedicated microwave link so engineers can work at opposite ends of the board without running up large phone bills.■ Two Z80-A CTCs = Eight Programmable Counters/Timers The new Ferguson computer has two Z80-A CTCs. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Please send your old label and new address. The folks who don't renew probably don't understand half of it and probably don't like it, either.One is used to clock data into and out of the Z80-A SIO/O, while the other is for systems and applications use. Box 223 Bend, Oregon 97709 503-382-5060 Orders Only 503-382-8048 Tech. Thompson Operations & Advertising David Pogue Associate Editors Rebecca Ozrelic Gary Entsminger Accounting Sandra Thompson Graphic Design Craig Lannes Graphic Production Michael Odell Tracey Braas Technical Department Dana Cotant Eric Roby Bruce Berryhill Laine Stump Larry Fogg Staff Assistants Dorcas Dsenis Cary Gatton Laura Pendley Renee Katter MICRO CORNUCOPIA supports systems programming languages and builders of single board and S-100 systems. SOFTWARE, HARDWARE, AND BOOK VENDORS: We would very much like to review your software, Single Board, and S- 100 products. Well, we have been a technical journal from day one. There are many good publications for people who are primarily interested in running Word- Star, Perfect Calc, and other applica- tions.

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