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Shiri and jason dating

Shop Talk: Im not really a shopaholic, but I do like to browse with my friends. If you want to know the truth, on Saturday nights I usually hang out and watch television at home.

So I think it definitely was that and then once we shot the pilot, I mean, David Netter taught me so much in that 12 days.

I'm working with a great cast that are all extremely talented so I feel I got really lucky, everyone here...really likes going to work and likes working so it's really positive.

Start with breakfast in Malibu and then just spend the day driving up the coast and hanging out in Santa Barbara. In fact, I just recently finished Angelas Ashes by Frank Mc Court and before that, I read the classic Catcher in the Rye for the first time. Well, for one, Im only 20 years old, so theres a lot of places I cant even get into yet. Someone told me the other day that theres a karaoke opening down the street from my home on the Westside, so Ill have to check that out.

And if youre in Santa Barbara, then you have to spend part of the day at the beach. But I actually had a really good weekend a couple of months ago when I went to the Derby, the old restaurant. But I really dont go out all that much to clubs; Id rather just hang out with my friends.

APPLEBY: Well, I actually auditioned for all three of the girl parts numerous times [panel laughter] I think what really drew me was the writing, It really spoke to me and it is written in a really realistic way, so for people my age,, its easy to understand.

And I got really lucky in working with a really good group of talented young people and so were able to work together and bounce ideas off of each other.Lets the imagination run wild a little bit." Roswell Press Tour Transcript on July 1st, 1999 QUESTION: Shiri, can you explain a little bit about where your name comes from?And also, are you a full-time student at USC or is that now over forever? Im taking a leave of absence and, hopefully, Im going to be able to go back and definitely want to finish my education. QUESTION: Id like to go back real quickly, if I could, of the idea that there was so much about young performers this year. And when you read for it, was it the role of Liz that you were going after?Month xx, 1999 by Tom Conroy Rolling Stone Magazine Shiris Best Valentine on February 14th, 2000 Shiri Appleby Liz on Roswell I think in like 3rd grade a guy asked me to be his Valentine and he got me some flowers and a little teddy bear but it was really sweet because it was the 3rd grade and everybody wants to have a valentine and the cute boy asked me to be his! February 14, 2000 Teenmag Introduction by Heather Muse In the March seventeen, Roswell beauty Shiri Appleby tells you how she got the role of Liz Parker and shares some of her European vacation pix.Here at seventeen online, you can get more glimpses of Shiri's personality - like what her favourite frozen candy is, why she scored sickingly flawless skin (but we're not bitter), and how she goofs around on the Roswell set.I think thats what really appealed me to the entire show.QUESTION: Now that youre cast as Liz, do you think youll be happier as human than an alien? QUESTION: Now that youre cast as Liz, are you happier doing that than playing an alien person? July 1999 About SHIRI APPLEBY on October 16th, 1999 The 20-year-old actress from Calabasas stars in her first television series, WBs sci-fi drama Roswell, which airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m.Interview by Amanda Rudolph "I live with a friend of mine that I've known since junior high. You kind of have to trust your instincts a lot more than you probably want to, and then it teaches you a lot of responsbility. We didn't know what to name her, so my brother just started looking through the dictionary and he saw 'Abby', but not A-B-B-E-Y, like an abbey. Anyone who's come up to me has been really, really great." Blue dress by Collette Dinnigan. Fans of the teen-alienation saga Roswell might be surprised to learn that Shiri Appleby almost didn't land the role of Liz Parker, the soft-spoken heroine of the WB hit series. The casting director didn't want to see me," reveals the 21-year-old, who's made lots of female viewers jealous this season because she gets to cozy up to her hot male costar Jason Behr-even though his extraterrestrial nature makes their relationship a little, um, difficult at times.I hate dishes and I have a big problem with taking out the trash and my roommate hates me. The trash and dishes." "I was really involved in high school. For some reason, it's kind of stuck." "I bought myself a really nice, new digital camera. But I've never had, like, a pimple right in the middle of my cheek. Fortunately, Appleby was hanging with the right crowd.Well, I finally got around to checking and it turns out she's old enough to drink! (Actually I'd rather have Shiri on my face, but that's something else entirely.) So Shiri, welcome to BOTD! Rolling Stone Coming Up Next: Shiri Appleby on December 30th, 1999 Playing a high school girl who falls in love with an alien would be stretch for most young actresses, but Roswells Shiri Appleby, 20, has had her share of Twilight Zone acting moments.A former child actress who grew up near Los Angeles, she has twice appeared in Xena: Warrior Princess, was in the pilot of the recent WB comedy Movie Stars, with Joey Travolta and Frank Stallone, and was a regular on Norman Lears 1991 Sunday Dinner, which was based on the mistaken belief that Americans wanted a sitcom that addressed religious issues. Her real-life high school experiences sound anything but alienated: She cheerleaded, edited the yearbook and was part of the student government. One summer I worked as a hostess, and I was a camp counselor.

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