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Is what my father used to say to me in situations where kindness is needed instead of retaliation.I remember one time I told him….”Dad, you’re right about the honey but you can still catch a nice bit of flies with that shyt! What I took from that is……sometimes you will be in situations where you need not apply honey but a pile of shyt is called for.

Stars: Kevin Spirtas, Rachel Blakely, Jon Huertas, David Orth A one-hour program that takes a look at the top 25 in a given category with insightful and hilarious commentary from top comedians, journalists and celebrities.

Stars: Tocarra, Toccara Jones, John Salley, Ray J Short-lived (3 weeks) summer show about Ernest Harris, a 14-year-old kid whose father only paid attention to the eldest boy, a 16-year-old basketball prodigy named Chester.

Stars: Madge Sinclair, Steve Harvey, Chaz Lamar Shepherd, Wayne Collins Pre-production Based on Bruce Reisman's play, an homage to New York's Golden Age, circa 1948, where "What happened on Broadway, stayed on Broadway".

Private lives and loves of "legends" behind the curtain.

See full summary » Director: Michael Taliferro An innocent family reunion descends into all-out chaos when simmering resentment and unspoken animosities rise to the surface .

Every year the Best and the Black families gather to fire up the grill, dust off the horseshoes, and Director: Red Grant A late night variety and talk show hosted by radio personality Michael Baisden with sidekick Morris Day and aired on the TV One cable channel.Stars: Michael Baisden, Morris Day, George Willborn, Michelle R. Jesses Smith Delves into topics involving marriage, friendship, dating and sex to see how opinions can be so different from male and female perspectives. See full summary » Stars: Monica Collier, Von Decarlo, Deric Evans, Jennia Fredrique Celebrity guests and E!Callahan ONE BLOOD Is an action drama based on the true story of Winston Goldfinger a Jamaican outlaw who comes to America in search of the American dream. network viewers travel to exotic beach resort locations and team up to compete in crazy athletic events and off-the-wall scavenger hunts.He shares ditzy receptionist Darby with fastidious dentist Bruce and anxious pediatrician Francine.Stars: Rondell Sheridan, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Mitchell Whitfield, Linda Kash And we're off..a 40-style radio announcer tells us about the value of television, somehow footage of Le Bron is involved, then Aretha singing at Obama's inauguration (with an ironic clip...See full summary » Director: Bruce Reisman Comedy about two women who live together in a rather large house.Dolores, who is the black one, has two boys Marcus (Santana) and Darren (Richmond). See full summary » Stars: Cindy Williams, Telma Hopkins, Deon Richmond, Merlin Santana Set on a university campus, the story line unfolds over a several month period in which the "Greeks" (fraternities and sororities) prepare for the culminating event: the step show ...Many of the actors from the movie appear in the television series, including Dionne, Mr. See full summary » Stars: Rachel Blanchard, Stacey Dash, David Lascher, Donald Faison Two dim-witted teenagers are forced to save the fast food restaurant they work at from going out of business, despite a new-and-improved burger joint opening across the street that want to be the "Top Dog" in the fast food industry.Director: Brian Robbins Ten-year-old genius (Tahj Mowry) has skipped six grades into high school.Andre is 17, is attracted to the wealthy Nicole and hangs with buddy Rashad.Tasha is her studious daughter and Deion her mute foster child.

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