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If it's just sex, not full-on relationships, see Three-Way Sex.

If one partner receives preferential treatment over the others, then the former is Top Wife and the latter are a Supporting Harem. Though real life polyamorists try to disassociate these two as the word "polygamy" has some messy implications.

In sharp contrast, his older brother Charlie is aggressive, loud, physically fit, and athletic.

Charlie is protective of Robert, while Charlie's affection-starved wife Janice constantly mocks Robert for his romantic failures, and Robert often gets caught in the middle of the arguments to which Charlie and Janice are prone.

Charlie and Janice have a three-year-old son named Brendan who is mentioned in the first episode, but Brendan never appears in the show and is never discussed in any other episode.

Ben and Marge are Robert In the orchestra, Robert makes friends with an Austrian violinist, Fred Meyerbach, who has a strained relationship with his father.

The difference between a polyamorist and a swinger is that a polyamorous person has broad-spectrum involvement in their partners' lives, including love.

Swingers are largely there for the sex, often for the novelty of an unfamiliar partner.

For more details and some Real Life tidbits, visit Useful Notes On Polyamory.

Truth in Television, obviously, though how culturally accepted it is varies wildly depending on the place, time period, and social standing.

Unlike previous installments Lovers in Paris (which Kim also starred in) and Lovers in Prague which were partly shot in Europe, Lovers filmed on location in China's Hainan Island.

Yoon Mi-ju (Kim Jung-eun) is the daughter of a reverend, who has adopted many children and set up an orphanage, and works as a plastic surgeon in a hospital, although her dream is to open a clinic of her own.

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