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Updating 2 prong 3 prong outlets

You can purchase a three-prong adapter at just about any store you visit and don’t require anything to be re-wired for use.

This saves fractions of seconds from where the electricity normally stops at the breaker box.

If you are still using cheater plugs in your home, it is time to update your electrical wiring.

Two-prong outlets are outdated, unsafe, and can not keep up with the demand of current electrical devices.

Updating your wall outlets from two prongs to three prongs is a reasonably priced update and may only require a grounding wire to be added into your home.

I would begin by saying that while this is something important to address (meaning fix it), it’s also relatively easy to correct, and not something that would not concern me if I discovered it in a home I was going to buy. It always runs in a loop and is always looking to take the path of least resistance back to the earth or ground.

Before the 1960’s, wiring run through our homes (also referred to as circuits), had two wires, a hot and neutral, usually wrapped in cloth sheathing.

Old two prong outlets are unsafe and are not up to code.

Protect your home and your electrical devices, and upgrade your electrical plugs.

Grounding wires will divert electrical currents to the ground either through a grounding rod or a copper pipe in the case of an electrical issue.

An even safer option is to replace the old outlets with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt, GFCi, wall outlet.

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