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Updating satellite orbit data suunto

With the 2.4.1 software update that was just released (at the beginning of December 2016), the Suunto Ambit3 Peak gains the route altitude profile that was introduced on the (Ambit3) Vertical and later came to the Traverse.Read More After so much time with Suunto watches, it was high time to try out the major competition among sports and outdoor devices, those made by Garmin.

Combining that with the app functionality below, and you’ve instantly got an incredibly powerful and highly customizable power meter head unit.

Of course they’ll still pair with your older Suunto-only accessories as well.

Suunto has decided to support five classes of ANT devices for the 2.0 release.

This November update was announced as far back as this past spring, and once again shows that Suunto is able to not only announce updates and new features in advance, but also keep to a schedule in doing so – hitting their goal with one day to spare.

In pre-announcing these releases, I’m 100% certain that this has likely kept a significant number of folks from purchasing the competitive Garmin Fenix unit (I see/hear it daily in comments across many posts).

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