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Requests or petitions to establish, change, or extend city delivery service must be made to the local postmaster.

Mail addressed to a deceased person may be received at the address of the deceased by anyone who would normally receive the addressee’s mail at that address.

The mail may also be forwarded to a different address, such as that of an appointed executor or administrator, if an order of request is filed at the Post Office.

Customers must provide authorized mail receptacles or door slots, except for mail receptacles authorized by the USPS to be owned and maintained by the USPS.

The purchase, installation, maintenance, and replacement of mail receptacles used by customers for mail delivery are not the responsibility of the USPS.

The endorsement must appear directly to the left of the postage area (preferred) or directly below the return address as specified in Unless otherwise directed, an addressee’s mail may be delivered to an employee, to a competent member of the addressee’s family, or to any person authorized to represent the addressee.

A person or several persons may designate another to receive their mail.Mail addressed to a governmental or nongovernmental official by title or by organization name, but not to the address of the organization, is delivered to the organization if the organization so directs.Mail addressed to a patient or inmate at an institution is delivered to the institution authorities.If the addressee is no longer at that address, the mail must be redirected to the current address, if known, or endorsed appropriately and returned by the institution to the Post Office.Mail addressed to a person at a hotel, school, or similar place is delivered to the hotel, school, etc.All mail addressed to a governmental or nongovernmental organization or to an individual by name or title at the address of the organization is delivered to the organization, as is similarly addressed mail for former officials, employees, contractors, agents, etc.If disagreement arises where any such mail should be delivered, it must be delivered under the order of the organization’s president or equivalent official.Mail is delivered under a court order issued for mail claimed by different persons.City delivery is provided according to USPS policies and procedures, the characteristics of the area to be served, and the methods needed to provide adequate service. Without a contrary order, the mail is delivered as addressed.Mail addressed to several persons may be delivered to any one of them.

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