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Esp your portrayal as Soo Ha, Kang Cheol, Namsoon, Ha Myeong, Park Hoon ( I loved the part in ep 7 in which you brought the baby to life like kyaaa it was so cute and heartwarming and all gooey mushy fluffy feelings overload!!!! after seeing your acting in that Pinocchio, I liked your acting skills and researched about you and yours all dramas and movies; I liked your choice of selection.... be it a small role in Korea , R2B: Riteontu Beyiseu, in movies and secret garden in drama....

You look like a quiet person and i love your personality. I'm very big fan of yours life I wanna meet u ones a time .u so ok m uchh .muahhh????? I'm a very fan of yours though im not a kind of person who idolize people but for you i'll make an exception. I love you from the bottom of my hypothalamus :) I love Lee Jong Suk, but honestly I liked his acting the best in Doctor Stranger, I don't know why doesn't he have any awards for that drama.

Your face depicts honesty nd u luk like someone who smiles a lot. Dear Yeon Joo And Kang Chul :) You were awesome in W drama And I really enjoyed with W I considered as happy Ending drama It entertained and satisfied me much more Thank you for all you done so far ;) I love u soooooo much dear ..u r my crush ..u r a very talented and best actor for me ..u r soo dashing and beautiful .. beautiful It would be such a waste if you would not be a celebrity right now thank goodness you are, I am a big fan with a big love for you just please keep showing us yourself cause we live you FIGHTING OPPA Hi lee joong suk!! I was never really interested in kdrama but after seeing u... ) just hoping because I'm still studying ( I ‘am so happy and lucky if that one will come true) and thank you because you inspire me to work harder...

Looking forward to your next job in real soon, in a big screen maybe? I've followed most of his projects closely since School 2013 *once u love him, it's so hard to get out*. i feel like everytime i post something in this page it's like you are really reading this and i feel like we're really are talking. You are very cute, tall, handsome, and talented actor Lee Jong Suk.

I love all of your drama, except for strange doctor and school 2013, kekeke. Pilot episode for W was good, it has a pretty good and original plot, I'm hooked. Jongsuk has been my fav since School 2013, he made me re-watch High Kick 3 and Secret Garden just because i felt so bad for not noticing him x D. I really hope to see you soon, if not here in the Philippines maybe there in Korea. Hope there will be more success, projects, movies and series that will come in your career.. Fall in love with you lee jong suk since i saw you first time in pinocchio your chemistry with park shin hye was best so far then watched schol 2013 your friendship and bromance with kim woo bin just loved you both watched your other shows too doctor stranger and nowdays watching i can hear your voice watched both your movies no breathing and hot young bloods i am your fan from pakistan watched your shows online with eng sub in 2 months i already competed watching his 3 shows and 2 movies Omg i love him so much all the best for jade lover your new show and plz do a show with kim woo bin And park shin hye again :) Best actor of this generation. I love you forever ❤❤❤❤❤ You are very cute, tall, handsome, and talented actor Lee Jong Suk. But he has decent acting, at least better than idol actors. Suzy already paired with Kim Soo Hyun in dream high, and Lee Jong Suk already paired with Park Shin Hye in pinocchio, why don't the producer try to swtich these couples?! I just finished doctor stranger, i really love you with jin se yeon, heartbeat couple!!

I hope to see you in person next year for my holiday in South Korea ;) (wishing) xoxo Greetings from your New Zealand Ko Nam Soon to Park So Ha to Park Hoon to Dalpo to Kang Chul, you are always the best, your drama roles are always memorable, your acting are awesome as always, and you're getting more handsome and hotter on screen.

But I hope you'll always do one drama at least, in every year so I can keep watching you and adoring you Luv Lee song-juk. I hope W will do well- Jongsuk is always so passionate and dedicates like all of his soul for his movie/drama characters x P. i feel so hopeless in my dream that one day i get a chance to see you in person. I've been following lee jong suk after I first watched his Pinocchio, Dr stranger, I hear your voice. W I've watch too but I can't appreciate much, while you were sleeping-- not excited to watch . This is my first time that I'm rooting for a korean actor. I hope you and park shin hye will end up together, you are perfect together, pls. May god take u at the top of the success and bless u with healthy and wealthy life Hi, I'm your big fan from the Philippines. Lee Jong Suk I'm your biggest fan from Pakistan I really like all your dramas specially Pinocchio, Doctor Stranger & While you were sleeping keep making dramas you inspire many people! i really admire you a lot since you are a good and versatile actor, aside from being so handsome and intelligent, trying to collect all your shows (cd) but sometimes those way back 4 years ago is no longer available. Jong suk Oppa I'm really big fan of you I have to learn korea to visit you and I came from Chechnya grozny that land is is really far from you but i will do every thing to see you with my own Eyes. i love myself a talented handsome man aw ❤️ looking forward to your next drama(s) :) One of my most favourite actor. I terribly missed Instagram latest posts of my prince --lee jong suk-- also my princess park shin hye. here again, just to tell you that I'm not tired watching your film, but didn't watch while you're ...., you're so good in acting, aside from being so handsome with a pearly white skin.. she is a good actress just like you--a good and versatile actor,she's beautiful, you are so handsome and both of you are educated.. I hope u will do more work together.again love u and god bless u. You're such a good actor, thank you always I watching your dramas I feel really happy. I watch all of your drama and all your I can say is your the best Omg Lee Jong Suk is really really handsome and a very talented person i wish someday i'll meet him. Lee Jong Suk your one of the best actor that I ever see your acting is the best and same time your so handsome your smile is so cute... I just finished watching Pinocchio for the 10th time and still can't wait to watch it again!!! ) and Han Taessun (Tbh, i only watched ur parts Khe XD)!!!!! Kindly come to India so I can finally achieve my life's mission impossible!!!! hope you have chosen the right agency for you.luck prince!!! i've read that you'll shift agency .yg --ynk.doesn't matter where agency you belong.are a versatile actor, young entrepreneur, an author, you excel in these, you will be so busy still if you have no drama, movies.. all of the drama you take role fits you perfectly, also, the genre fits you perfectly. If I miss any drama then please you can free to comment and give me your suggestions... Not to mention he is so handsome and charming and a bit blunt(? He is so talented in every drama I've watched just like in his movies! Lee Jong Suk is sooo handsome, adorakable, and such a dork. Although Pinnochio's plot and characters were a bit irritating, I still managed to watch through the drama =.= Anyways, I cant bring myself to watch W, even though I loveee Lee Jong Suk's Drama. 1 Fan from Philippines ughh i really can't stand a day without looking at your pictures and without watching your videosss Omg Lee Jong Suk is really really handsome and a very talented person i wish someday i'll meet him. His acting is so perfect,from his charming looks,manly voice lovely eyes,perfect body. Looking to see him more on screen in the near excited to see him portrying as a villain in his upcoming movie V. Seeing your drama i felt you r wonderful as a person,there is something in you thats very special,and you are damn cute♡.i started with I hear your voice ended up with now i am just sad that i have seen it all :(. I cried a lot when ever you were hurt in the drama , especially in the 3 episodes. Loved his acting in I Hear Your Voice and Pinnochio. I wish there is another drama that you and hhj were the actor and actress. Stay Healthy :) and More Films, Movies and Awards to come Idol :) From your no. love from ur biggest fan in the Philippines The first ever actor i am dying for... Sad to say ive finished them all down to W two worlds... I was so moved.among all dramas and actors and actresses i was moved by you Lee jong suk. Tears went rolling down my check when you fainted in the bus stop in the last episode. Jong Suk-ah~ good jooob, good joob You are a guarantee of a well-done drama!!!!!!!!!! I Can Hear Your Voice was the best for me, but i think W is gonna top it off later. This is the first time I've seen your series lee Jong Suk Oppa and I had recently realized you become my new favorate now. I cannot tell the difference between his characters because they all basically have the same vibe. I really hope one day i can see Suzy x Lee Jong Suk or Park Shin Hye x Kim Soo Hyun in a drama!! I don't like W, so I will be waiting for his next project :). I mean, i enjoy most of his dramas (him as a lead) aside from Dr Stranger. For me it doesnt matter since both of them are a good actor. I love you forever :) I've watch Pinocchio, Doctor Stranger, I Hear Your Voice, Secret Garden, and Hot Young Bloods.

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